What was I saying?…..

Hello friends….how is everyone doing?  as you can see, i’ve non-committedly (<- apparently not a real word) started a blog.  i’d love to be able to tell  you this blog would be like perfect and about issues that matter…and sometimes it will be-but the honest truth is…..i’m not sure what it will consist of on a regular basis…if i had to guess i’d say random things.

that’s right-random.things.  i imagine it comes from the fact that i’m kind of all over the board.  oh, don’t get me wrong-i fit the typical “girl” stuff like makeup (i have too much), i do hair/nails, i love romantic comedies and heartfelt books & movies-like the notebook or say anything (which i’ll probably do a blog about soon) BUT i also love things like spy movies and UFC (ok…ok…sometimes just for the cute boys).

also, i’ll warn you out the gate that i can kinda get off track…i tend to write things like i tell stories-with a fair amount of details and an illustration or two to prove my point. plus, i just come from a long line of talkers….we’re irish-we got alot to say and its probably a bit loud when we do.  my family is irish, german, scottish and english—-we couldn’t be more white, angry or drunk 🙂

So there you go, a short into to what is sure to be a blog on everything from makeup, movie and pinterest to UFC and spy movies.  good luck.



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